Thursday, October 27, 2005

Blogger and Comment Spam

From Keeping Comments Clean in the blogger help files.

Blogger has several built-in measures for dealing with comment spam and other associated dastardly behavior.
3. You can choose to receive notification by email when new comments have been posted on your blog. This way, you can monitor them for spam and delete them when necessary.
4. You can enable word verification for your comments. This will require an extra step in the commenting process, which will deter automated comment spamming systems.

They need to improve #3 by adding enough information so you can find the comment. The post title and perma link needs to be included in the email. I now I have two comment spams sitting in my archives, but no idea where. One of them came after enabling #4.

- Peace


The Rev said...

There should be a link in the email that will take your directly to the post where the comment was left. Look at the bottom of the email where it will probably say something like: Posted by The Rev to IdeaJoy at 10/28/2005 05:59:24 PM

IdeaJoy should be a link to the post. Yes? No?

Dave King said...

Well how about that, it is. Though it would be more obvious if they showed the url not hidding it. When I read IdeaJoy I thik

Thanks man.

- Peace