Thursday, July 28, 2005

Warning Links Ahead!

IdeaJoy is Evil. Course you knew that, but the reasons may surprise you. From Tim, a blogger who prefers blogs without links:
it's often tough for me to venture onto other blogs. My reading addiction takes hold and I loose track of time. With Kiihnworld and IdeaJoy especially, I get hooked into linking and surfing farther than I should. They always provide such enticing links that I have to force myself to stick with blogs that donÂ?t link, lest I travel into the hinterlands of cyberspace. When I go to their sites, I start taking some quiz on what kind of 1960s TV show I am, then I'm looking at comic book characters, then I'm reading Augustine, and I get lost and never update my checkbook or send out the invoices that I originally sat down to do.
That's from a post where he's lamenting that his wife knew about google maps before he did, Thanks to IdeaJoy and Kiinworld.

Speaking of Google maps, they have a new feature: Hybrid Mode. It mixes road and location names with satellitelite images. Here a great example shot of 'Dog River'.

Dog River is the fictitious town from the Canadian sit com Corner Gas. Sarah and I passed the set on the way to Cornerstone and took a few shots, here are a couple of them.

You can view the individual shots here.

- Peace

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Lisa Shorten said...

I know all too well the dangers of following the trails of breadcrumbs you leave through cyberspace. Usually the phone rings and snaps me out of it before I get too far gone. Very, very cool map idea. I have made a mental note.