Tuesday, July 19, 2005

War of the Worlds

Saw War of the Worlds on Friday with my brother in law in Regina. Bullet point review
  • It's mostly about suspense, and it does that really well.
  • Cruise plays a rouge who can't make it in the domesticated world but does well in crisis.
  • quite faithful to the book, but an Americanized version of the story.
  • Spielburg draws on 9/11 to interpert how we'd react to an allien invation.
  • Spielburg is paying close attention to how we justify things. There is a great sceen where the main character uses a line that was just used against him in a previous sceen.
  • there are a couple of feel good 'hit back at the Alien' sceens towards the end, but this a very dark and depressing movie. Much more than Independace Day or V that both draw on the War of the Worlds concept.
  • well worth seeing, but not a date movie

- Peace

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