Monday, April 04, 2005

The Pope and Elvis

I was at Graceland when I head the news that the Pope had died. We were waiting for the shuttle bus at Graceland when the DJ on the background Muzak announced that the pope had passed away and that the Pope being a well known spiritual person just like Elvis, Elvis would have wanted to play tribute, so the DJ played How Great Thou Art by Elvis. It was as much about Elvis as the Pope. But that's Graceland; all Elvis all the time.

It's a very white washed tomb, Graceland. You get a very clean Elvis. In 1968 Elvis did a TV special widely known as his 'comeback special'. At Graceland it's the 1968 NBC special where "Elvis looked as good as ever". Thing is, at Graceland you never see him not looking good.  There's no hint that he ever had anything to comeback from, so the 'comeback special' looses it's power.

I was in Memphis to meet Kati of The Riehl World fame. I just wanted to get out of Atlanta so I dropped Kati a line and drove up there and back on Saturday. A six hour trip each way. It's was totally worth it. Kati was a gracious hostess taking the afternoon to show me around Memphis. I had genuine Memphis style ribs, got to see Sun Studio where Johnny Cash, Elvis and many others got their start. We visited Beale Street, self declared home of the blues, where BB King has his club. And then finally we toured Graceland. Thanks Kati!

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Michael said...

You are a lucky guy.
The closest I've ever come to Graceland is doing an Elvis impersonation at our last college fundraiser.