Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The Adventure Game

As a kid I had a copy, pirated of course, on my Comadore 64. It was a bizzare text based adventure game. Never did get off the heart of gold. BBC - Radio 4's web site has the 20th Anniversary Edition, with pictures and hint pages for wimps like me.

- Peace


Richard said...

I played the game on the apple. It was brutally tough. My friend bought the "invisi-clues" which had all the answers in invisible ink so you could reveal just "some" of the answers.

I seem to recall that getting the tea and the BabelFish were brutally difficult. The cheese sandwich trap was truly evil. I dont know anyone who beat the game without being told those three things. I may have grown delirious in my old age, but I think those were the only three clues I needed to cheat on.

Too bad you never got off the Heart of Gold, that was the most fun part because you would never die after that - only get sent back to the Heart of Gold to try again. The present from the aunt was both hilarious and useful.

Ah, fond memories...

Michael said...

Being too full of pride to get the hints I figured my Guide knowledge was perfect and that the game would pose no challange to me.
And I died,
and died,
and died,
and died,
and died,
After an embarassingly long time (that I will never reveal the actual length of for the shame of it) I gave up.

Richard said...

Did you get the Babel Fish? That was lots of fun.