Saturday, March 12, 2005


Jeff's done his first post here at IdeaJoy, so I thought I should introduce him. Jeff's one of the guys I camped with at Cornerstone 2003, he's a writer, educator, a lover of music and culture. He does one mean air guitar. He's old enough to be my Dad but listens to Fiver Iron Frenzy and speaks lovingly of seeing Lust Control live. I did have to explain the Wizard Needs Food Badly connection to Gautlet, but thems the hazards of being born too soon. He's also a jazz connoisseur, Coltrane and Felonious Monk cds are common in his office. To say Jeff loves music and literature is to say Wayne Gretzky played hockey.

Jeff's a gentle spirit who loves a good debate with a wicked sense of humor. To me Jeff's a natural blogger, so when we got together on Thursday he let me set him up an account here at IdeaJoy so he could give bloggin a try. Welcome Jeff.

- Peace

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