Monday, March 07, 2005

In Atlanta

I'm in Atlanta with work. I'll be here for a couple of weeks, then back home for a week and then here for most of April and May. This feels strangely familiar, I started IdeaJoy when I was working in Toronto, too much time in a hotel room not much to do, so I started to blog.

It's also familiar in that I have friends in Atlanta I haven't see face to face for sometime and I'm looking forward to seeing them. Seeing friends and relatives was the hightlight of my Toronto trip, made it bareable, would have gone crazy with out them.

I brought the bike, I plan to ride part of Silver Commet Trail and around Stone Mountain. Since I can't make it to CJUG I'll have to make do with AJUG. I'm doing my best to adjust.

Atlanta is at the south end of the Appalachian mountains, I grew up at the north. Like back home people in Atlanta give directions in terms of left and right. The prairie ideals of north south east and west just don't apply when the roads follow the contours of the land. It's a good thing I brought my gps, it's easy to get lost here.

- Peace


Richard said...

Ouch! Travel stinks. You would have gone crazy without friends and relatives when away from home? hmmm... that might explain why I DID go crazy when I was travelling. No friends, no relatives, just work from 9am to 9pm and eat till 10:30pm and go to bed at 11pm.

Your perseverance and dedication to your work impresses me.

Steve said...

Hey Dave, hope all is going well. We missed you on Saturday but had a good breakfast just the same. You were thought of in conversation! Met Kim on Sunday, spoke for a few moments - hopefully, we get to see her again!