Thursday, May 27, 2004

Survived my first group ride in two years.

Did the Sibald Flats Ride, last night. Talk about a misnomer, the first half of the ride is up and down like crazy. I was able to keep up with one young lady who's a new rider, she was very timid heading down hill. I was much slower going up so I caught up with her at the base of each climb. Two other guys bailed and took the short cut to the easier part of the path, so I guess I wasn't dead last ;) Realy need to work on my climbing.

Took one unplanned dismount, but didn't bend, twist or break anything on the bike or myself so it's all good.

The next PedalHead Group Ride is June 2,in Fish Creek, at the south end of Elbow Drive. Just 3km from my house. Luckily it doesn't conflict with the Stanley Cup Schedule.

- Peace

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