Tuesday, May 04, 2004

480km down 70% to go

I was kept a wake last night by the Calgary Flames fans, who partied well into the wee hours. But I didn't mind, the Flames did what no one thought they could, beat the best (and one of the most expensive) teams in the NHL. And that enought to make even me a fan.

Dispite the late night, I got up early and biked to my 7:00 am breakfast meeting (ok I was 10 minutes late), and then onto work. One the way home I was chased by raind clouds, but a the wind was at my back as I past the 30% mark and it felt good. Not getting past first round of play offs for the first time in 15 years good, not even two playoff shut outs good, nor a last minute goal to win in six good, but good.

- Peace

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