Monday, June 09, 2003

There and back again:
I've been away now I'm back.
  • Mike's Spot on the Wall: The view of the volunteer.
    I've been volunteering for Harvest Moon and helping with their website.
    It's funny you never really think what goes into an event like this until you watch the people behind the scenes sweating the details.
    Little details like they've booked almost 30 acts for Canada's largest one day outdoor concert and don't have a red cent to pay them with yet.
    I can only hope our city will get behind this and give it the push it deserves.
  • Mike's Walk: Why me God?
    Why me God? No, not why all the bad stuff, I figure I deserve that, no why the blessings?
    I look at my marriage and I wonder what did I do to get someone like Carol? (I wonder twice as much when I look at the relationships around me)
    I look at my possessions and my abilities and wonder how I managed to have so much material blessing on so little skill.
    I look at my walk with Him. When He called me. All times He's forgiven me. So many things He's healed me from, saved me from and through.
    Why me.
    And then a light,.. an odd light,.. but one that seems to make sense to me:
    1 Corinthians 1:27
    But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

    Here I am so weak and foolish, why I'm almost overqualified.
    The moral of the story is that God loves and uses unlikely people and I'm so glad He does.

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