Tuesday, June 03, 2003

May 2003, a sad month for the net.

The month of May marked the first time that commercial e-mail comprised 51 percent of all messages received by workers, according to MessageLabs, a provider of managed e-mail security services. MessageLabs only analyzed 133.9 million messages sent to its global network of business customers.

From Spam overtakes legitimate e-mail.

I've been using Mozilla's spam filtering software. It's based on Paul Graham's Bayesian filtering idea. It works for about 90% of the spam I get, I have had the odd false hit. I don't let it just delete the spam, I put it in a folder that I double check. In the last four months I've only had one or two false junk mail identifications. It let's trough 1 or two mails a day and filters out 10 - 30 junk mails a day.

Some how I don't think new laws will do much to help, other than move the problem off shore, but we will see.

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