Wednesday, April 30, 2003

My Favs from 300 reasons why we love The Simpsons

66-75 Bart's 10 best blackboard lines:
  • I was not touched 'there' by an angel
  • Fire is not the cleanser
  • Fish do not like coffee
  • Pork is not a verb
  • The hamster did not have 'a full life'
  • No one wants to hear about my sciatica
  • I am not my long-lost twin
  • The nurse is not dealing
  • I will not surprise the incontinent
  • Temptation Island is not a sleazy piece of crap.

    100 D'oh was in the 2001 Oxford Dictionary.

    126 Homer [to God]: 'You're everywhere. You're omnivorous.'

    140 And [Maggie] inspired this exchange. Homer: 'That baby-proofing crook wanted to sell us safety covers for the electrical outlets. But I'll just draw bunny faces on them to scare Maggie away.' Marge: 'She's not afraid of bunnies.' Homer (ominously): 'She will be.'

    193-195 Homer's code of the schoolyard. ' Don't tattle, always make fun of those different from you, never say anything unless you're sure everyone feels exactly the same way you do.'

  • And I'll take issue with

    176 The makers resisted Japanese calls to have the characters redrawn with four fingers - Japanese culture looks down on missing fingers as evidence of a menial job.

    In Japan missing fingers are a sign you were in the Yakuza, the Japanese mob, where "severing of one's own finger-tips to atone for mistakes" is a tradition.


    PS Jordon lists his favs as well. And yes I got the idea from him.

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