Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I had Monday off, so I did a ride through Fish Creek park. I stopped and sat on a bench near the creek on the edge of the bird sanctuary. I haven't tried creative writing in some time, but needed to record my impressions. So here is some free verse in very raw form.

The melted snow pulsed through fish creek,
it's splashing almost loud enough to drown out the hum of some distant construction machine.

The creek is alive and singing
the trees and the long grasses still sleep.

Birds call and twitter. I see a goose take flight,
its distinctive cry drawing my attention.

unseen a crow caws
I imagine it keeping a wary eye it's territory.

Flirtatious calls and twitters of unseen,
unrecognized birds repeat and mingle.

I watch people walk, run, cycle on the main path
too far back to hear the creek.
Like me they've been drawn out by the sun, the warmth,
the blessing of a Monday free from work.

Above the north ridge of the park,
visible through the bare trees,
a giant maple leaf waves,
I realize how far I am from a real maple tree.

- Peace

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