Saturday, April 26, 2003

Last night we did burgers on the BBQ, night before it was shiskabobs at Bible study. I did over sixty km of biking this week.

Today: Snow. Further snowfall amounts 10 cm. Wind northwest 50 gusting 70 km/h diminishing to 30 by this afternoon. Temperature steady near zero.

The wind has plastered every window on our house in wet sticky snow. It's Calgary, anything can happen.


update: We got over 60 cm (2 feet) of snow yesterday, highways north and east were closed, tons of trafic accidents. One man died of a heart attack from shovelling snow. Calgary normally get's very dry snow so people are not used to the work of wet heavy snow. So my prayer this morning as I head out to church, the Lord is my Shepherd, I will not get stuck. :)

Realated news stories:
Roof Collapses at Calgary Co-op North Hill Centre
Winter storm sends city into tailspin
Spring blizzard hits Alberta hard

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