Sunday, April 06, 2003

Just discovered

We promote artists that deserve to be heard, and that you'll be glad to discover. The big corporate music machine tends to pass over some of the best art for the sake of commercialism and "risk management" - well, we don't. The styles you'll find here are as varied as alternative pop, rock, electronic and traditional, with perhaps a concentration of modern singer-songwriter folk rock. While the vehicles may differ, the commonality is in the poetry, the stories, the truths, and the emotions of the artists. We're sure you'll find some compelling reasons to Go Beyond Pop Culture.

Found them via a link on Bill Mallonee's web site. They've got some of my favorite artists Daniel Amos, Lost Dogs, the late great Mark Heard, the 77's.

It was also greate to catch up with some artists I've listened to in the past but lost track of: John Fischer, Loudon Wainwright III, Midnight Oil, Pierce Pettis, Buddy and Julie Miller

And I've found a new (to me) artitist of note: Pedro the Lion, whom I just read about at the Cornerstone Festival site.

I've also been enjoying their radio feature that plays random songs from their collection of 200 online songs. A great way to sample new music.

So visit PasteMusic, it will be bandwidth well spent.


PS make sure to hit the more info link on the album listings, if their is an MP3 from that album that's where it will be.

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