Thursday, March 20, 2003

This week my life has been Meetings... my life is nothing more than meetings. [bonus points if you read that to the turne of 'feelings']

Monday night, Strategic planning team. Bit of a misnomer as we've been in tactical mode since our pastors resigned.

Tues night meet with our financial advisor. It's not a big deal we have one investment, we're thinking of making it two.

Wed - users group. Presentation on .net from a Java perspective. Yes I'm considering working witht the darkside.

Thurs. - Supper and Bible study, we just talked tonight but we have been reading Luke. It was a good time, I needed the break.

Friday - To Be Determined.

Sat morning - last leadership meeting with our pastors.
Sat night - congregational meeting with our pastors followed by a good bye party.


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