Wednesday, March 12, 2003

OK so the winners are:
Subaru Impreza - sports wagon and let's be honest it's a hatch back. Good fuel economy, and it fits me well, the Outback and Forester did not. It's a small car about the same size as the Corrola but with All wheel drive, A/C and a clock :) I'm a bit concened with the cargo space, we may need to keep our extra lugage compartment that we strap to the corrola, and I'm not sure my current bike rack would work on the hatch back design. Only other draw back a single cup holder (we use the two in the corrola all the time) and it's over the cd player so a spill would be bad..... I'll test drive this on Saturday.

The Honda Element, tons of room, better fule economy than you'd think and not a bad price. I'm sure Kim will hate it, but we'll see. Need to test drive this.

Funny how neither of these were on my list, but the trying on of cars killed off many that I thought would be contenders. It was worth the $10 to get in, it would have taken way to much time to drive all over to try those out one by one.


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