Saturday, March 01, 2003

The Second Renaissance - Part I is the first of series of animated shorts set in the world of the Matrix, it's given me hope for the sequels. I loved The Matrix because it drew on multiple rich sources of inspiration and interweaved them. Nothing in the movie was there by accident. In almost every scene there was reference to some piece of literature or art, from the Bible to Terminator.

Can they maintain that level of artistry for the sequels? I've had my doubts but The Second Renaissance gives me hope. It draws heavily from the stories of the Old Testament from creation to the Hebrews in Egypt. It tells the story of the rise of the machine and sets the stage for the war with humanity. In the same way that the movie AI sided with our possible future creations, the machines that created the matrix are portrayed with sympathy, they just want to live. This animated short gives The Matrix a richer back story than the movie could develop on it's own.

The next animated short should be out this month. I'll post when I've had a chance to see it.

Here's hoping hoping the sequels can live up the original and the Second Renaissance.


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