Thursday, November 01, 2012

Paris Top 5 Shots + 1

Took over 3200 shots in Paris.  Published 195 of those to Flickr.  Of those 195 12 have made it my Most Interesting of 2012 set. Here at my top 5 shots from Paris and the one I thought would get more attention but didn't.

Under the ArcThe underside of Paris' most famous arc at night. I wish I had centered this shot better. Other than that I love it.
M ChangeThe cconic sign for the Paris Metro with other signs. I'm quite sure this was shot from the top of a tour bus.
OopsMoved the tripod thinking the shot had finished when it still had a second to go. Oops.
Paris BeaconQuite happy with capturing the beacon light at the top of the tower.
Arc de TriompheA more traditional shot of the Arc de Triomphe
FlowerI thought this Lensbaby portrait of the young woman with the flowers in her hair would genergate more interest. Oh well, I still like it.

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