Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's a small world..

Today on my Twitter feed:

Karen Jiang (@karenjiangles), who I know from Calgary Church, was surprised to see my name mentioned on Jordon Cooper's blog.  Jeremy Klaszus (@klaszus) piped in to say he didn't know that Jordon and I knew each other. Karen was surprised to learn that I know Jeremy.   As Jordon (@JordonCooper) and Jeremy are much cooler than I, her surprise is understandable.

Thing is knowing Jeremy is connected to knowing Jordon, though Jordon wouldn't know that.  So for Karen, and anyone else who cares here's the short (but too long for twitter) version: 

I met Jordon back in 2003, as I had started blogging and was interested in Canadian bloggers talking about faith.  Jordon's blog was the first to come up for those search terms.  Getting to know Jordon lead to a group called Resonate.  Reasonate lead to me meeting Warren (author of The Year I Shot Myself, Got Arrested and Lived to Preach About It and the pastor at Xalt.

I joined Xalt in 2005 and connected Xalt with the Salvation Army mobile kitchen. For a couple of years the folks from Xalt would take the mobile kitchen out once a week to serve soup and sandwiches down by the drop in center. Jeremy was recruited to help serve with the mobile kitchen by Julie Kaye (@mysoci) who was at Xalt and is now connected to Calgary Church.

Small world.

- Peace

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