Friday, November 23, 2012

Blood and Chrome, the future of TV?

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome is a prequel to the reimangined Battlestar Galactica. Set ten years into the first Cylon War, it follows a young William Adama on his first mission after joining to Galactica as a hot shot pilot.  Very coll for those of us who enjoyed the first Galactica remix.

The above video isn't a trailer, it's episode 1 of what will be a full blown movie on SyFy in Febuary 2013.  They're released six episodes so far. Just follow the link at the end of episode 1 to see the rest.

It's an interesting approach.  We're used to being able to watch TV episodes online the day after they're released, but releasing it to the web before TV, and releasing it in chunks to build interest is a gutsy experiment.  No doubt this will build interest in the series.  Will it lead to higher numbers of people watching on TV or buying the episodes?  Will it generate enough online ad revenue to make this the new model for TV?  SyFy will have interesting data to ponder when this is done.

This is a high profile instance of content providers bypassing the typical channels to release content to directly to fans before it goes to the traditional channels.   No one is worried by one example.  As trend, it threatens everyone from traditional media empires to netflix.  While not as flashy as Bill Adama vs the Toasters, the fight for the future of TV will be just as interesting to watch.

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