Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goat Creek was Amazing

16 Riders
Rode Goat Creek trail on June 2nd.  Been doing that since at least 2005 but a few things made this year standout.

Had 16 riders, so one of the largest groups ever.

Had our youngest riders, two 10 year olds and 8 year old made the entire 45 km ride.  Previous record was Amy when she was 14.

Paul lost a steel water bottle.  It bounced out of his panier while coming down the first part of the trail.  He mentioned it to riders going up Goat Creek and asked if they found it if they would put it with his van at the trail head.  It was on the windshield when we go there.  Thank you fellow riders.

We dodged the rain.  Weather forecast for the day wan't good.  There was some heavy mist when we started out, but it never got beyond a light rain.  It cleared up after the first 9km.  We saw some very scary dark clouds while in Banff, but we just got the edge of it and the clouds headed back where we had come from.  The path back to Canmore had some puddles but we had sun and a tail wind most of the way back.  We normally have good weather, but this year's close call was very dramatic.

Really enjoyed the Iron Goat afterwards.  Our first time there.  We had a private room for our group and the hockey fans got to watch the game.  The duck wings were fantastic, as were the ribs.  I'd avoid the fries (regular or yam)  not that they were bad, but they didn't compare well with the rest of the excellent food.  Our friends who need a gluten free menu were very impressed with the variety of choices the Iron Goat had for them.

I'm continuing to add pictures to my Goat Creek June 2012 set on flickr.

- Peace

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