Wednesday, June 13, 2012

500 km Recap

Block House at 500km
Hit the 500km mark on the way home tonight. While I've been taking a picture every 100km and posting to Flickr I haven't been blogging the 100km marks. So here's the recap:

Hit the 100km mark in Vancouver at the end of April. Shot is of Jericho Beach.
Jericho Beach @ 100 km

Hit the 200km mark in May while riding around the Glenmore Reservoir with the Hills. Me with the Hills at 200 km

Hit the 300km mark on June 2nd while riding Goat Creek. To be honest that shot is from about the 302km mark, I missed taking at shot at exactly 300km. Something about coming down the path at almost 50km/h.
 300km on Goat Creek Trail.

Hit the 400km mark last week while riding between the office in the NE and downtown office.
400 KM on the bike path

So that brings me to hitting the 500km mark tonight. 500km puts me at 20% of my 2012 Goal of 2500km. Hoping to hit the 700km mark before we head to Europe for most of July. Will be lucky to hit the 800km mark by the end of July. So that leaves 1700km for Aug - Dec or 340 km a month. More than doable, but I'll have to do better than I've done at the start of this year, and after three weeks off I'll be almost starting from scratch. Oh well what's the point of goal if it doesn't challenge?

- Peace


PsySal said...

You can do it! ALSO: Do you wanna go riding on Sunday?

Dave King said...

I'll have to check with Kim and Sarah. Sunday being father's day.

Dave King said...

Hey Calvin, Kim says there are plans for Sunday.

- Peace