Monday, June 27, 2011

Something Firefox can do that Chrome can't

Been using Chrome as my default browser on my Linux workstation at work. Found it to be more stable than Firefox, especially where Flash is concerned. Needed to do some old school FTP today and couldn't find an FTP add on for Chrome. Looks like Chrome's security policy makes it impossible to write file to the local machine, so there's no way to do an FTP client in Chrome. So FireFTP in Firefox it is then.

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New Zealand properly explained for the distinguished American connoiseur said...

There was something I found doing web development. I wanted to create an HTML interface for an application that would use Javascript to pull JSON data and then display it. I wanted to be able to see what example data would look like without the app running, so I created static JSON files with example data in it. Chrome refuses to load the static JSON files if you're viewing the file locally, but will load it if the files are located on the server. You'd think Chrome would allow a local javascript app just to read a local JSON file, but it doesn't.

Firefox handled this fine, however. This is one of the reasons Firefox is still better than Chrome for development.