Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Firsts @ 600 KM

Pro Cross @ 600 KM

Hit the 600 KM mark on the way home tonight.  It marked a number of firsts:
  • First time this year to do 100 KM in under a week.
  • First time this year that I've hit a 100 KM mark while commuting, even though most of my riding is commuting.
  • First time hitting 100 KM on my new Lynskey Pro Cross!

    While I loved the Romax frame that brodie sent to replace the brodie energy frame that cracked just before 300 KM, I've killed enough aluminum frames that I really wanted to try something else. Titanium is supposed to be stronger and stiffer than aluminum.  I'm told the Dave Lynskey himself has singed off on the bike standing up to my size and number of KMs. We'll see, will be three years before I know if it out lasts my brodie Energy.

    I'm told that the stiffness of titanium means more energy gets transmitted to the tires when pedaling. Didn't think it would make much of a difference, but so far I've been ridding faster than I was on the Romax and the Romax was a step up from the Energy. Nice to have some benefit right away :)

    - Peace
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