Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bow Falls @ 500 KM

Bow Falls @ 500 KM
Hit the 500 KM just at the end of the Goat Creek Trail.  I give myself between the x hundred mark and x hundred mark oh one to take my hundred mark shot.  The falls are less the 500 meters from the end of the trail so I'm making this shot of a wave from the falls my 500 KM mark.

While the last couple of 100 km marks have been less than cooperative,  this one worked out quite well.  To quote a friend on why he was backing out of the ride "The weather for tomorrow in that area is for rain and thunder showers all day."  Well I've learned never call a ride on account of weather until you get to the trail head.   We drove through some very heavy rain and there was light rain in Canmore when we got there, but once we got up to the trail head things looked in good condition and the rain was more of a mist.  Trail was is great condition, best I've seen it in years and by the time we got to Banff it was nice enough that we had our coffees out side.  On the trail we had maybe an hour of heavy mist.  :)

I'm posting pictures from the ride to flickr.

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