Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buzz Day One

Back in October Google launched Wave
with a great deal of hype, but Wave washed out almost instantly. Wave's big mistake? No integration with email. When someone sent you a wave, you had to check your wave inbox. Wave also rolled out slowly, so by the time other people you know tried it, you had moved on. I just checked, I have 10 new waves since I last checked in Nov!

Google launched it's latest social network attempt Buzz yesterday. I think they've learned a thing or two. Most of my contacts in gmail have it today, even my wife who joined Gmail very late. Buzz is built right in to gmail and seems to gaining people rapidly.

That said there are some things that strike me as strange:

Adding your Bloggger blog is not automatic, even though google knows the blogs your own via your google id. Linking to my google profile might fix that.

Email integration needs work. Buzz is part of gmail, it notifies you when someone replies to a Buzz post. While the notifications are in your inbox, they are not emails. There is no from address. This makes filtering them, like I do with Facbebook and Flickr notifications painful.

Few women. Most of the posts I see on Facebook are from female friends. All the posts I've seen on Buzz Today are from guys. That's just day one, but if that keeps up and few weeks it's just me and the guys then Buzz is in trouble.

- Peace

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Your Tim(e) Has Come said...

Thanks for staying on the cutting edge. I can't believe I never heard of Wave.