Saturday, August 09, 2008

Two Breakfasts Two DHLs

Debbi At Nellies on 4th
Helped to make Breakfast on Thursday morning for Inn From the Cold. Was thrilled to see Dave Hansen-Lange was part of the crew. Dave lives in Hong Kong, but is visiting Canada for a few weeks. Had a great time serving breakfast and talking code with him and Calvin. On Friday I had breakfast with Debbi Hansen-Lange, who is also in town from Hong Kong and had a great time getting caught up. HK tidbits from the two DHLs:
  • Hong Kong is easy, you can live with just English, public transport is wonderful even in their village, they only goto the city when they want to.
  • The expat cultrue in HK takes some getting used to, lots of money, lots of quirky people.

    BTW if you didn't know Dave & Debbi share a blog and photo stream.

    - Peace
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