Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jack's Dad, my Theory

Been getting caught up with and in Lost. If you don't watch the show then this won't make any sense; but for fellow Losties I've been thinking about Jack's Dad. Here's my bet: Jack's dad faked his own death, to get Jack on Oceanic flight 815. This explains the flash forward from end of Season 3 where Jack talks about his Dad as if he's still alive, the empty coffin that Jack finds in Season 1. Jack's dad faked his death with the spider venom from the island, explains the whole introduce two characters just to bury them alive episode. He also set up Clair with the fake psychic. He's on the Island and was visiting Jacob when Hurley walked in.

OK so it's not they only theory I'm sure, but it's my best guess.

- Peace

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