Tuesday, April 29, 2008

400 KM and a Plan

400 KM and more than suburbia
Hit the 400 KM mark last night as I approached the Bow River. Nice to get a pic that isn't generic suburbia.

The KM Plan for the rest of 2008
1000 KM by the end of May
1800 KM by the end of June
2600 KM by the end of July
3200 KM by the end of August
3900 KM by the end of September
4200 KM by the end of October

Of course this is based on the assumption that the new bike and wheel sets hold out.

- Peace


Rodney Olsen said...

I really should get around to working out my own bike riding plan for the year.

Thankfully my kilometre count should head north in a few months when the radio station I work for moves across the city to a new building. Instead of a 13 km round trip every weekday I'll be doing around 35 or 40 km. I must have a practice run sometime soon that I know what to expect.

Dave King said...

Well I've gone from 18 km one way to 26 km, plus the last 8 km is 90% climbing. I still haven't done the full round trip. Couse we had a week plus of winter that that interupted getting back in the groove.

- Peace