Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The First 100 KM of 2008

First 100 KM of 2008

Can't help but notice that Darcy Norman has a 800 km lead on me. The chase is on...

Three things that should let me catch Darcy:

New Brodie Energy hybrid bike and I found clipless bike shoes that fit me, all so I can tackle the 25 KM ride to work in the NE, so once I'm up to speed I should be at 50 KM a day. Right now I'm doing half on the bike and half on the ctrain.

With the new bike and shoes I'm as fast as I would be mid summer with only three rides. Though I need to find some stronger rims I think I'm killing the stock rims already. Holdup seems to be finding a 40 spoke hub for less than $550. Oh the joys of saving on gas.

BTW Friday April 11th is Calgary's Bike to Work Day.

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PsySal said...

Hey Dave! I know the guys at Pedalhead treat you well, but you could pick up wheels online at that should do what you need without too much trouble. It does seem like you can't get disc hubs in 48H unfortunately, but if you go 36H your choices are pretty good!

Hubs (45$ + 30$)

Velocity Deep-V ($30 each)

Plus another $50/ea for the wheel build. With shipping and tax it should all come to probably under $350 for everything.

You can get 40H which would make stronger but limits your choice of rims/etc. If you had rim braking you could get 48H tandem rims. I don't know if there are stronger rims, probably there are!

OK this post is bike-dorky enough as it is. Hehehe!

D'Arcy Norman said...

yeah. you'll catch me in no time - I only do 28km per day. You should pass me in, what? September? I'll be your rabbit until then :-)

Debbi said...

go dave go!