Friday, March 07, 2008

The Heart of Ministry

We need connections with people that are forged with a deep level of trust and commitment. Relationships that can endure flaws and mistakes and even hurt feelings. Relationships with people that can extend grace and unconditional love when we reveal the dark corners of our soul.

One of the reasons why so many people find their way out of conventional churches is that they are lonely and disconnected in a sea of activity.


The heart of ministry is to be Jesus to one another. Too often we overload ourselves with activities that have value but have so captured our attention that they insulate us from each other. We avoid the heart of ministry because it is too hard. We can’t flee from commitment to each other, we must give grace when we are harmed, and we must love when it is inconvenient. Becoming like Jesus is a sacrifice that most of us are unwilling to make and that is why we lack so much.

From the The Heart of Ministry by LT.

- Peace

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