Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Every Vote Counts?

"Every vote counts!" - that's the rallying cry calling people out to vote. Yesterday the Alberta PC party won 73 of 83 seats with 54% of the vote. That's 88% of the seats with just 54% of the vote; 64% more seats than if we had proportional representation.

We have a very strong disconnect between the way people vote and the government that gets sent to Edmonton. No wonder a record 59% of eligible voters didn't vote. That should worry any democratic government, even one with 88% of the seats.

- Peace


Spawn of Elvis said...

I woke up Tuesday morning and realized that I had forgot to vote. I know it's not reasonable, but I feel personally responsible for the outcome of the election.

I am a bad person.

Kevin Saff said...

Time for REVOLUTION! No taxation without representation! Yeaaaarrrrgh!

Dave King said...

SoE: Well now Kevin and Brian know who to blame.

KS: Americans always looking to guns as the solution. Sigh.

- Peace