Friday, March 14, 2008

Calgary Losing McNally Robinson

I love McNally Robinson for it's cafe, live music and free wifi. When I worked downtown it was a great place to get books, or meet a friend for coffee. Sadly they will close their Calgary location in Aug of 2008.
The value of the real estate over-reaches the potential of the bookselling business, In an average cost structure, the store would be viable and profitable. In downtown Calgary, not so much.

Given that they own the building, is that taxes are did they get an offer the just couldn't refuse? Either way Stephen avenue just lost it's most interesting shop.

- Peace


Vincent said...

My first job was in that building when it was called Attic Corrosion. I have a lot of memories in that place. Ironically, I was sad to see it become a book store =)

~m said...

wow, that sucks.

(obviously, my comment is indispensable. :S)