Monday, September 24, 2007

An Amazing Weekend

As previously noted: Blue Man Group Friday Night.

Lisa and Matt Arrived Friday Night.

Caught the tail end of the Debbi and Dave's going away party Sat Morning as we picked up Kevin and Clement to go hiking.

Hiked King Creek.

Enjoyed the fund raising dinner & silent auction with friends from Xalt. All three of my photos were sold. One to a woman I'd never met. The three pictures were picked based on feed back here and on flickr. Would never had the confidence if not for all of you :) The pictures raised $100.

Skipped the flickr hike Sunday due to lack of sleep and poor weather. We played Power Grid and Guitar Hero II. Matt ruled the grid and Sarah ruled the guitars.

Xalt Sunday Night. Post Xalt dinner with Dave & Debbi and 11 others :)

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