Monday, August 20, 2007

Roger's Wireless Needs to Get a Clue or Two

Here are two clues for Rogers Wireless:
  1. Keep track of phone numbers you call and why you called that number when you leave a message asking people to phone you back. That way your representative will know why the message was left with someone who doesn't have an account. Given the large sum of money you've obviously spent on your automated phone systems, this should be a minor feature.

  2. Don't ask someone for their Social Insurance Number so they can prove they don't have an account with you.
If you'd like to replicate my experience phone 1-866-346-3436. Tell them they left you a voice mail asking you to call that number, in my case they asked that Dave King phone Rogers at 1-866-346-3436. Of course this only works if you don't have an account with Rogers and can put up with people who, blame you and fraudsters for the fact that they don't know what they're doing.

- Peace


dalin said...

unfortunately I don't think the big T is any better.

Dave King said...

I've heard some horror stories about Telus, but I've never had them call me about an account I don't have, and blame me for their screw up.

- Peace

Richard said...

To deal with the first clue, the "phone other people" department would have to co-ordinate with the "receive phone calls from people" department.

To get an idea of how difficult this is for Rogers, take the person who phoned you and the person who received your phone call and count how many "org-tree" nodes you need to traverse to join the two. Organizations that I have dealt with or worked for never seem to clue in to this reality.

As for the second point, there should be laws against using a SIN to identify people for purposes other than income tracking. Oh wait... scratch that, what we need are ways to enforce existing laws.

Dave King said...

Richard, on point one they all ready do that, but they track it based on account # or cell #, not on the number they called. Since I have neither a cell # nor account # they had not way to figure it out. If someone has gotten a cell# or account # in my name Rogers makes it next to impossible for me to find out with out giving them my SIN number.

Agree on point #2.