Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Glimpse

Calgary Cube Scene

caught a glimpse of an alternate 2007
lived in towers amongst the clouds
saving the world with bold moves
glowing sabers
jet-packs and droids
artificial beauties in spandex

and then I was back in my cube
mundane problems
keeping the lights on

home on the train
to my real beauty
to frustrations, fears
real love

our daughter
doing an artful job
of putting together a life
despite the failings of her all too present parents

dinner with a friend
form our community of honest sinners
shared stories
a game
some pictures

The world gets saved on the ground
not in towers

- Peace


Anonymous said...

Wow! You did a really nice job on your poem. You have poetry talent. What spurred it on?

Love Kim

Anonymous said...

I guess it's not anonymous if I signed me name huh?!!!! I clicked on the wrong circle k?!

Anonymous said...

K apparently I wasn't as loonie as I thought (k likely I am, but that's not the point here!)because I did click on the right button and it still came up as anonymous! I give up.

Dave King said...

Thanks Love, I am glad you liked it. I miss you too. (Kim only comments on my blog when I am away)

Will work out the Aonymous issue when I get home.

- Peace