Saturday, August 04, 2007

2000 KM Half Way There!

Three at 2000 KM
Well about 2003 km. I passed 2000 KM with Dave and Clement while going down the Moose Packers fire road at about 50 km/h, wasn't going to try to take a picture then. We did just over 25 km of trail riding today, a near perfect day for it, Sunny with some clouds, a gentle cool breeze and no bugs. As an added bonus the trails have recived some much needed tender loving care since the flooding in 2005. Bridges have been rebuilt, yay! Also some of the nastier parts of Diamond T and Tom Snow have been reworked. The trails were in the best condition I've ever seen them.

2000 KM for 2007, half way to my goal. In an idealized world, I would have hit that point at the end of June. From that point of view I'm a month and four days behind schedule. However I didn't get riding till the end of April and tend to ride until December so I think I'm in good shape. Won't be riding the next couple of weeks, but I think I can make 2400 km by the end of Aug. That leaves 1600 km for Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec. Key will be staying disciplined as it get colder in Oct. I'd like to hit 3400 by the end of Oct, leaving me with just 300 km to do in each of Nov and Dec. I can't rely on being able to repeat last year's 500 km in December trick.

- Peace


D'Arcy said...

wow. dude. congrats! You're an inspiration and/or madman!

Dave King said...

Thanks for the encouragement man. Glad to see your back to riding :)

- Peace