Sunday, May 27, 2007

SpiderMan 3

Saw it last weekend, I think I enjoyed it more than Jordon, but that's not saying much. Tried to tackle way too much in one movie, trying to wrap up plot lines from movies I & II while introducing Black Spidey/Venom. It really needed to be a TV season like Heroes to pull off what they were trying to do.

In both I & II you got to see inside the mind of the Goblin and Doc Oc as they went mad. If black Spidey was going to work as well, we needed to get the same insight.

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Richard said...

The move to multiple baddies in spiderman 3 (hobgoblin, sandman, black spidey, venom, ads for the lizard) reminds me of the multiple baddies in batman 3 (ivy, freeze, robin, two-face, riddler).

I was disappointed with the portrayal of Gwen Stacy as blonde bimbo. I recall that she was blonde in the comics but there was never any hint of pigeon holing her in to the bimbo role.

If they wanted to do a love triangle they should have brought in the Black Cat.