Sunday, May 27, 2007

400 km Cows!

400 KM Cows
Passed a herd of cows as I made the 400 km mark yesterday. Didn't plan on hitting that till today, but my planed 14 km trail ride turned into 10 km of trail and 23 km of highway riding. The trails we muddy and slow, plus I missed the turn off at about the 7 km mark. It was faster to ride the 23 km on the road than to retrace the 10 km of trail.

- Peace


PsySal said...

Good job, keep on mooooving.

PS don't you love the way cattle stare so curiously when you pass on a bike? I always find them peculiarly transfixed by me and my bike, as if they aren't quite sure what they're seeing but they are pretty sure I'm OK.

Dave King said...

Calvin, I think many people react to you that way ;)