Thursday, January 04, 2007

We're in the Future.

At the end of 1994 Andrew Kantor of Internet World made this prediction about what was coming to the Internet:
Smart searches. The first intelligent agent software packages will emerge, allowing Net users to ask for a specific piece of information like "What is the population of Fiji?" or "How far is Saturn from the Sun?" An agent will go out on the Net , find the information, and return it without the user knowing the source.

Well Agent Software never did emerge other than in the Matrix, but smart searches did. Click either of the links in the quote and Google will answer the question.

- Peace


Kevin said...

Actually, Andrew Kantor made that prediction. (The writer's name came before his/her predictions, not after.) My predictions had to do with set-top Internet boxes, which did kind of come true (WebTV, Pippin, etc.) Anyway, it's fun to read these old predictions and see all the stuff that did, and didn't, come to fruition.

-Kevin Savetz

Dave King said...

Sorry Kevin, I'll fix that.

- Peace