Thursday, January 04, 2007

The promised land

Ok, it isn't really the promised land it was just a move into something more beautiful than I had ever dreamed possible.
It was an unusual move in that I didn't really help much. I have been walking with a cane for about 6 months now and it makes heavy lifting a thing of the past.
I did something very un-male, I asked for help.
My little church (Clareview Bible Church) came through for me and a dozen people (from a church of about 50 on a good day) showed up to help. Six hours later it was done.
We've had a few people over including Leighton Tebay of The Heresy but we are still planning a BIG BLOWOUT HOUSEWARMING hopefully before February.

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Dave King said...

Looking forward to it. Southmeadows and Xalt have a culture of helping people move, it's a great way to love one another.

- Peace