Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Worship is a lifestyle?

Worship is a lifestyle. I hear this phrase all to often. The idea behind this is that worship isn't just something you do on Sunday it is your whole life. The problem with this is that once worship becomes everything it becomes nothing. It makes is so terribly difficult to have a conversation about what might be an appropriate expression of worship in a corporate context.

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I'd also add it confuses things, as some people hear that to mean you pray or sing songs all the time. You're only spiritual is you're praying or singing. Might work in some contexts, but I don't know how you do that when you're teaching or giving a lecture.

On a related note: do we think Jesus wasted his time as a carpenter? He spent most of his time working with wood, not doing miracle or religious work. I've often heard it said he spent that time preparing for his public ministry, but I haven't ever seen the backed up by anything. What does it say about Jesus that he spent most of his life not doing religious work? hmmm...

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Richard said...

Perhaps he prepared for his public ministry by doing not his own will but the will of his earthly mother and father. (Throw out the garbage, clean the work bench, tidy the house, move furniture, carry water, etc...)

It took me years to realize that God's will for me involved changing diapers, throwing out garbage, wiping up vomit and pee, disposing of mice, climbing ladders, visiting relatives, doing dishes, and cleaning.

The years before marriage and children involved very little of that drudgery. But I also remember that I used to be very unhappy and now I'm very happy...