Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Clapping in the Movie Theater

Clapping in the Movie Theater, the performers aren't there so what's the point? Well Kim and I found ourselves giving Safety Last a hearty round of applause. Safety Last was the last of four movies in this years Silent Movie Monday series at the Uptown. If Clapping in the movie theater is odd, then calling the series Silent Movie Mondays is even stranger. While the movies are from the 20s, there is an live performance component as well. The Cantos Music Foundation has recreated a movie house organ and brings in a movie organist to provide the sound track. His music and sound effects brought the classic comedy to life. The applause was well earned.

The series has sold out every night for the last three years so we'll be watching for the 2007 announcement.

- Peace

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Richard said...

The clapping is for the organist :)