Thursday, February 02, 2006

Knoppix to the rescue!

While Windows XP crasshes on boot, I can bring up the PC with Knoppix a Bootable Linux CD. How cool is that?

- Peace


Swansmith said...

I wish I had one-tenth--no--even one-fiftieth--of your computer savvy.

Dave King said...

Thanks swansmith, though there are days where I wish I didn't.

- Peace

Richard said...

Feeling like the more you know, the more dangerous (to yourself) you become?

I often wonder if God told us not to eat of the fruit of the "Tree of Knowledge" because knowledge without wisdom becomes dangerous.

Is it just me or does failing word verification feel like failing the Turing Test?

Dave King said...

Richard, Nah just a tough day at work.

Turing is about people being able to tell the difference between a person and a computer.

The word verification is about a computer telling the differece between people and other computers.

- Peace