Friday, December 10, 2004

Real Live Preacher: How To Find a Church

We're looking for a church, not very hard we've only been to one since deciding to look. The above article spoke to me, especially point 1: you won't find that church.

- Peace


Richard said...

Point 1 made a lot of sense.

Dont know if I misunderstood the guy, but it sounded like he was saying to go start your own. I thought St. Paul exhorts us to bear patiently with one another...

Dave King said...

No what he's saying is that you won't find the ideal church you have fixed in your mind and that there are churches like his out there but you need to hunt.

How did you get to go start your own?

- Peace

The Rev said...

Maybe it was accidentally taken out of context. Near the bottom it reads: "Email me if you decide to start your own thing. I’ll cheer for you from the sidelines."

"...start your own thing..."


Richard said...

you might pick up some friends along the way and start your own churchThat was the phrase that caught my attention. Though as I said, I'm not sure I understood the guy.

To be honest, it felt like a plug for jEdit, or open-source technology. Reminds me of "the Cathedral and the Bazaar"...

Dave King said...

Sorry should have reread the article. He's saying starting a house church is an option.

LT (The Heresey) is in his second one, and one of my spiritual mentors in Fredricton was in a house church for years back in the 80s. Not sure if he's still in it, but will email and ask.

I didn't pick up on it cause it didn't strike me as a radical idea or the main point.

- Peace