Sunday, December 12, 2004

Outdoor Attitude Brought Indoors

I did a session on the XBike at the familly leisure center.

I do think the 'true-to-outdoor cycling exercise' line on their web site is over the top. It's closer to real ridding the way Medicine Hat is closer to Halifax than Calgary.

That said, it's a great workout. You do get to use your upper body more, pumping from side to side as you do a standing climb for example. Your legs can also stop while you pump because the xbike lets you coast For those who haven't been to a spin class: regular spin bikes will rip your legs off if you try to coast. Suprisingly stoping while pumping your arms makes for a great work out as you have push hard to get started again.

I was pouring sweat 10 minutes into the class.

- Peace

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