Tuesday, November 23, 2004

xtreame stationary bike!

Saw the xbike at the Family Leisure Centre, it's a staitionary bike designed for mountain bikers. I have no idea if this is a gimic or not, but I've heard it's quite the work out. Since the handle bars move side to side you need to work you uper body to stay balanced while riding, more like trail riding.

Word is that there will be a drop in class starting in Dec. I'm going to have to give that a try.

- Peace


onionboy said...

Good luck with that. Here in Windsor Ontario we've been able to ride tight up unitl the past day or so and today is mild enough, relatively speaking to haul it out for the daily commute. When the bike is fully off the road I just plop my cyclocross into the trainer that I have, back wheel pops right in, and away I go. Again, best of luck on the fancy machine - go go go.


Dave King said...

I've thought about getting a trainer, but for me I think going out to class works better than ignoring it at home.

- Peace