Tuesday, November 30, 2004

3200km, 200%

[recorded earlier today on my palm pilot]

I'm sitting at starbucks waiting for Kim to pick me up. My ride home ended with a load pop, something cut through my rear tire. I did 23km today, 11km short my usual round trip. On the up side I only needed 19km to pass the 3200km mark for 2004. That's 200% of my original goal for this year. Its more than the past 3 years put together. I think I can reward myself with a latte.

Yeah I know I made it sound like I had given up for the year at 2600km, but Nov has been nicer than November in Calgary should be, so I kept ridding. Course being Calgary the nice weather can go on and off like a light switch. Still I Only wiped out twice, I've learned that ice fog can freeze up break and shift cables in a couple of hours and I've doubled my goal for the year! Did I mention that?

- Peace

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