Sunday, November 07, 2004

Illness strikes Calgary Drop In centre clients

Kim, Sarah and I went down to the Center of Hope to help serve supper. As we drove past the Calgary Drop In Center (DI for short) we couldn't help but notice several ambulances and polices vehicles out side the building.

When we arived at the Center of Hope we were told the DI was in lockdown, something unknown was making people sick. Food poisoning was the word from one lady, but she also added "you don't quarintine people for food poising". To be honest standing there with my wife and daughter I was a little worried about what I had brought them into. Yeah it was happening a few blocks away, but lot's of people go back and forth between the DI and the Sally Anne every day.

While serving food we heard all sorts of comments, one guy said he'd been held hostage for three hours, several people said at least one person had died, their had been officers in bio hazard suits. There was no way to know how much was true. It was sureal.

We were told that the Center had received a phone call from officials warning everyone to wash their hands cause that's how the virus was spead. I made sure Sarah washed her hands!

We're back home and feeling ok. Sarah didn't eat supper but I think that was psychosymptomatic . On the other hand she cleaned up her area around the computer, she may be sicker than I thouht.

- Peace

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